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Your friends with a great sound!


KJ/DJ Service

At your local pub, private party, etc

Upcoming Events


Begbie's Pub

 609 Columbia St, New West


More Engagements to come...stay tuned

song book

Choose from over 250,000 songs in our constanting growing library*

August 2022

*Song list is subject to change and may not reflect all the songs that we have in our library currently

Our Story

Table 29 Entertainment was born from a desire to get away from the everyday lives we were living. Doing something together that we enjoyed and making a living from it was the PLAN. It all started when Kyle took me to a karaoke show and the host asked if I had ever considered being a KJ…. Me? a Karaoke Host? What a crazy & amazing idea!! Over the years I have been asked, “If you had no limitations, what would you love to do for a living?” I have always said a Singer/Performer, but we all know that is just a ridiculous DREAM,.. right? Well turns out, when you put a PLAN together with a DREAM it equals REALITY! With our support networks and determination to live our best lives we are making it happen!

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Julie 778.839.6470

Kyle 604.356.1459